USS Lafayette SSBN 616

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Crew's Lounge, 60s
Mess Hall, 60s
Dave Barth - Topside, 60s
Bob Knoll & John Groth, Nav Ctr, 60s
Herb Murphy - Nav Center, 60s
Herb Murphy, 60s
Bob Knoll & Dave Barth - Nav Ctr, 60s
Stubb Crawford - Nav Center, 60s
Keith Curtis - Crew's Lounge, 60s
Lafayette Football Team, 65
Bill Fraser - Crew's Lounge '68
Dave Barth - Torpedo Room, 60s
Harriet & Lonnie King '68
Capt Pollack & Blue Crew Goats '69
Charleston Naval Base Champions 1965
Leaving Port Cape Kennedy 2/21/69
Wayne Phillips - Launch Station '70
Decommissioning 8/12/91
Decommissioning 8/12/91
XO LCDR Ernie Till, early 60s
Joe "Duke" Koetting, Torpedo Room 60s
Captain Patrick Hannifin, early 60s
Paul Qualls & Kuris in galley, mid 60s
Plourde, Dickens, Haveran, Sharkey '83
Enroute to Roosevelt Roads  '69
San Juan next to USS Odax SS484 '69
Bob Ciminel& Jerry Gaskill '69
Tom Keith '69
Forward Torpedo Room 60's
McDowell, Weise, Baird, Early 70's
Don Rowland - 86
Entering Drydock 81
Todd Pearo 87
Gary Christopher Topside 80
Mrs Ray Bigalow, Change of Cmd 80
Don Hall, MMC  80
Jim Erikson, EM2  80
Chase, Utz, Rowland & Wurgler  86
Haircut mid-80s
COB Gilger, mid-80s
Navigator Slagle on the Con, mid-80s
Scott Durisen in Snake Pit, mid-80s
Ringquist at MCC, mid-80s
Holy Loch, mid-80s
Herb Murphy received his Dolphins, 60s
Herb Murphy as Cook's Helper, 60s
TM3 Phipps at Launch Control, 62
Louie Morrison ULER, 66
Don Evans, Jack Lohman, Doc Eaves, 63
Mark Perry & Don Evans, 63
Perry, Ridenour, Clark, Evans, 63
Carrigan, Phipps, Mikedes, McMahon, 60s
 Bob Kotzke & Bob Hughes in Rota, '64
TMC Henson, June 64
Price, Hollowell, Hughes, Phipps, '64
 Larry Hollowell & Bob Hughes, '64
Frank Phipps & Jim Freeman, '91
Lafayette TMs Basketball Team, '60s
Larry Biddle, '64
Main Engines, '85
Butch Irons & Steve Ripley, '85
Jack Cromer, '66
Lafayette in Panama Canal , '91
USS Lafayette loading Missiles
USS Lafayette in dry dock '67
Bob Bracht receiving award, '75
Philip Kinlaw, '90
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Bob Hedberg receiving Bluenose, 80's
Torpedo Room, Hedberg & Mickan, 80's
Leaving Holy Loch for Patrol, 80's
Gene Wright, Jim Cowan, Ken Carter 69
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Cookout - Edwards & Hubenthal 03/69
Cookout - Mr Hodge 03/69
Cookout - Surrette 03/69
A Division Blue Crew 06/66
Swim Call 1980
Capt Middents and Glenn McMillan
Maneuvering Room
Bob Ankiewicz, Joe Ford and Walshe
Richard Murphy, LL Ops Head
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Charlie Whitehead & Ben Phillipatis  '78
Green, Brule, Kirsch, Sadlik, Bahamas
Al Herman 1982
Updated: 11/26/2017
Final Time Leaving New London
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Don Lampley Topside 1968
Allen Wayne Manuel Blue 1975 Retrofit
Allen Manuel & Jim Barry 1975 Retrofit
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LTJG John Northrup Blue 70s
MT’s taking it easy, Blue 70s
Rodney Mann MM2, A-Gang Blue 70s
SN Knutson from Maine, Holy Loch 70s
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Capt Pollack & Blue Officers '69
Gene Wright - Sonor Shack, '68
D McKinney, B Fore, Chief Lamont, 70s
Andy Metzger on Manuvering Watch
R Colangelo Blue Nose Initiation
Bob Tripi & Steve Nix
Back from daily ops to Port Canaveral
1983 Swim Call
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John Dixon & Gene Wright  '65
M Division Gang Gold '80
M division Field day in ERUL, Patrol 50
M division Field day in ERLL, Patrol 50
CDR JP Scott & Henry Robinson '80
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Joe Geiger QMC, Blue 1970
Bill Schmedes QM, Blue 1970
Swim Call Blue Crew 1970
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Mess Hall for Holiday, Blue Crew 1965
Kevin McClary & Jim Brackney, Blue'85
Mike Berger, Gold Crew 65-70
Butch Miller, Blue Crew 70's
RM2 Kevin & Darlene McClary 1985
Charlie Breedlove & Spud Woods 1972 
EM1 John Johnson Man Rm 1967 Blue
MM Tim Coleman receiving Dolphins