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Searching for Shipmates

These are sites have list of Submariners
Crew Lists for the 41 for Freedom are also useful

These are great People Search sites

USS Lafayette SSBN 616
Shipmate Search
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Updated: 8/2/2020
AnyWho Online Directory  (People Search)
DexOnline Phonebook  (Phone Book for the US)
InfoSpace  (People Search)
Langenberg Person & Email Search  (Person & Email Search)
Lycos People Search  (People Search)
VA National Cemeteries (Veterans Cemeteries)
People Finders  (People Search)
Social Security Death Index (Database Search)
Switchboard Yellow Pages (Phone Book for the US)
White Pages  (White Pages)
Yahoo People Search (Email & People Search)
Yellow Pages  (Yellow Pages)
ZABASearch Free Veteran Search  (People Search)

Deck Log
Goat Locker
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Navy Shipmates Site
Submarine Sailors
The American War Library
United States Submariners List
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