USS Lafayette SSBN 616
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1MC & Shipboard Announcements  (These are Familiar )
52 Lost WWII Submarines  (Sub History)
Acronyms and Slang  (Do you Remember)
All Hands  (Magazine of the U.S. Navy)
American Legion  (Veteran's Organization)
AMVETS  (Veteran's Organization)
Anchors Aweigh  (Turn up your speakers to listen)
A Virtual Submarine Simulator  (Take a Dive)  (US Navy Ratings)
A Century of Silent Service  (Excerpted from the book U.S. Submarines)
Chief of the Boat  (Description of a COB)
Cold War Certificate Program  (Get a Cold War Certificate)
Cold War Submarine Memorial  (Dedicated to the Cold War Submarines)
Comsublant News  (Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic )
Comsubpac  (Commander, Submarine Force Pacific)
Deterrent Park  (Naval Submarine Base Kitsap, WA)
The Dolphin News  (Connecticut News)
Electric Boat  (Shipyard in Groton, CT)
Eternal Father, Strong to Save  (Turn up your speakers to listen)
The Flag Ship  (Norfolk Navy News)
Fleet Reserve Association  (Veteran's Organization)
Goat on the Boat, The  (True Story from USS Archerfish)
Guam Naval Base  (Base News)  (Norfolk Military News)
Holy Loch, Scotland  (For anyone that was in Holy Loch)
How Subs Work  (Basic for non-Submariners)
Index of Submarine Sounds  (Brings back Memories)
Jane’s Naval Forces  (Jane's Fighting Ships)
Lady Submariner  (Certificate)
Mesothelioma Claims Agent  (Mesothelioma Info)
Mesothelioma in the Navy  (Mesothelioma Veterans Center)
N.A.R.A.  (US National Archives & Records)
Naval Submarine League  (Sub Veterans Organization)
NavWeaps  (Naval Weapons, Naval Technology & Naval Reunions)
Navy Chief  (For Chiefs of the US Navy)
Navy History  (US Naval Historical Center)
Navy League of the United States  (Navy Veterans Organization)
Navy Region Hawaii  (Commander Navy Region Hawaii)
Navy Times  (Navy Times and
Northwest Navigator  (Navy Base News, Bremerton, WA)
NOVA – Submarine Secrets  (Shown on PBS)
Nuclear Power Fundamentals  (by Intregrated Publishing)
Old Bluejacket  (US Navy Site)
The Periscope  (Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA)
Ron’s Submarine Covers  (Shows 41 for Freedom)
Rota Naval Station  (1st Port for USS Lafayette)
Social Security Administration  (SS for Vets)
SSBN 584 Submarine History  (Great Site w/lots of details)
Stars & Stripes  (Dept of Defense daily newspaper distributed overseas)
SubBase New London  (Submarine Base New London)
Submarine Date List  (Photographs and information on historical events)
Submarine Museums Website  (Info on all Sub Museums)
Submarine Trivia  (Good Trivia)
Submariners Association Barrow-in-Furness  (UK Association)
SubRon 14  (Holy Loch, Scotland 1961 to 1992)
The Day  (New London, CT Online News)
Through the Looking Glass  (History & Photos of Subs)
U505 German Sub  (@ Chicago Museum)  (WW2 and German U-boats)
US Navy Memorial  (Another Must See)
US Navy News  (
US Submarine Veterans Inc  (Veterans Organization)
USS HOLLAND AS-32  (Association Website)
USS HUNLEY AS-31  (USS Hunley Info)
USS Nautilus Museum  (New London, CT)
USS Lafayette 1863-1866  (The 1st USS Lafayette)
USS Lafayette AP-53  (The 2nd USS Lafayette)
Veterans of Foreign Wars  (Veteran's Organization)
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